Advantages of Online Degrees

The Oxford Encyclopedia can provide students with certain benefits that they would not get from a campus-based learning program. Read on for ten advantages that a education online can offer you.

Smaller class sizes. A typical online class has only 15-30 students compared with the hundreds that campus-based schools pack into a single lecture hall. This means more time and attention from your instructor and your fellow students.

Experienced faculty members. Many education online programs require their faculty members to work full-time in their field of study currently and have at least two years of work experience in that same field.

Short course terms. The average online class lasts five to nine weeks. You cover the same material you would in a campus course but much more efficiently.

More diverse student body. Online education classes are usually open to students from around the country, so you will get the chance to interact with people from coast to coast.

Full student support. A quality online college or university will have excellent services for students to help with everything from the admissions process to graduation requirements. Academic counselors, financial aid advisers, and graduation teams are a few common examples of what your school can offer you.

No driving. One of the things online students enjoy the most about distance learning is the drive time they save. You don’t have to waste hours of your time and gallons of gas driving to a campus multiple days each week.

Broader class selection. Since most education online programs are affiliated with national colleges and universities, you will have a much broader selection of courses than if you had pursued your degree from a physical campus.

Accessible financial aid. Students of accredited online schools can receive the same amounts and types of financial aid that traditional college students can. Your school may also offer institution-based aid in the form of scholarships or other assistance.

Study when you want. Online courses give you the luxury of choosing when you attend class and when you study. You don’t have to adhere to rigid schedules set by school registrars; you essentially get to choose when your class time is every day. And although online classes have deadlines just like any college course, you have more flexibility in how you pace yourself to meet these deadlines.

Graduate faster. Education online students tend to graduate faster than campus-based students because of the accelerated curriculum. You will be able to earn the same degree but in substantially less time.